Calender 2012- Graphic & music project work with joprec Music Label Berlin Concept PROJECT: Calendar 2012 "The Dark Side of Electronic Music" An idea of "TEK U" crew involves the construction of a calendar in collaboration with twelve artists from the most diverse corners of the international electronic music scene. Twelve artists for Twelve genres for Twelve months. Each month will be assigned a different genre Each day of the week an artist (Monday to Friday) Every weekend a different label. We thought about 12 major categories, feel free to roam inside the genres according to your personal tastes. We do not want an encyclopedic compilation, but a personal vision, influenced by your taste and artistic. To realize this idea we have carefully chosen and contacted artists that we consider very relevant for their skills on a musical level, and for their research in the field of new sounds. The purpose of this project is to give new musical inspiration to those who don't know these styles and to give more visibility to new artists, and for those who already know a genre, to journey deeper into the foundations of those other genres that have become an integral part of our musical culture. The calendar will be distributed for free, at the coming TEK U events & also available by mail order as well as various stores in Berlin and beyond. Thanks to all. the genres: january-Ambient February- Avantgarde - March- Dubstep / Drum and Bass April-I DM May - House- June-Acid July-Elektro- August-Techno- September-Industrial- October-Hardcore/Breakcore- November-Gabba- December-Tekno

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