The section "Video&Motion" is divided in two parts; the first proposes two showreel and video teaser and the second motion graphic works. All my videos are on Vimeo

Advertising, Animation, Art Direction
Showreel <Camera/Editing/Color Correction>
Showreel <Theater & Performance>
Life of a Singularity is the first photo book of Yashima Mishto
Through nude and erotic portraits I will show you a fictional biography of a singularity. The story of human beings, of separate singularities who try to conceal the differences that divide us.
The story is broken into three acts: Mimesis, the act of resembling and presenting the self, in which I tried to mimic normality, to conform. The Clinic, in which I was diagnosed and conditioned to fit in. And lastly, the Circus, where I discovered the potential of being a singularity.
This video has been created for the campaign on Indiegogo
Photography by Yashima Mishto
Video by Gabriella Fiore

Le sorelle Karamazow trailer
the short film Le sorelle Karamazow
direct by umberto baccolo
screenplay Gino Roberti-Umberto baccolo
produced by Paola Oliva
Art Direction by Gabriella Fiore
Cinematography by Gabriella Fiore
Film Editing by Gabriella Fiore
Make up Magdalena Cichonska

Transmutation Trailer
Videoclip for Analouge Sensation Modelling
Camera & Editing by Gabriella Fiore

BERLIN INVASION video teaser.
for each of Berlin Invasion events has been proposed a video teaser.
Concept/ video shooting/ editing & motion graphic by Gabriella Fiore
Motion Graphic for several works
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