INDOVINA GREEN graphic work for the art public project CHEAP GREEN sponsored by Comune di BOLOGNA
Cheap Green is thought as a temporary installation, in different areas of Bologna, a series of site-specific interventions aimed at recovering, reinterpreting, the communicative potential of the panels located in the historic center.
GREEN, the central topic, means sustainable urban lifestyles, protection of green space, commitment to recycling and use of renewable energy with little pollution impact

Postcards for the FLEX gallery-Berlin
100 postcards by 50 anonymous artists, with each card available to buy for a uniform price.  
FLEX is dedicated to confrontation and dialogue between artworks from artists who face off on common ground.
FLEX tests the relationships between artists, artworks and viewer. It seeks to create tensions from which new discourse emerges, morphs and resonates.

OPENSIGHT• collaboration beetween Gabriella Fiore and Maja Costa
Short video works of 7 seconds without sound for the contest  // 777 - Videodome, it is an experiment in the special focus of Cinema Total’s 2014 edition: the intersection of film and video art.
“Every film has a beginning, a middle and an end – but not necessarily in that order.”
Jean-Luc Godard

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